Wednesday, January 29, 2014

18 Week Bumpdate

So, we survived the Snowpocalypse of Atlanta, at least so far. It has been a crazy couple of days! The snow is so beautiful! My thoughts and prayers have been with those who were stranded. I hope that you all found warmth and food!

I am a bit late on this update, I will be 19 weeks in just two days! Enjoy & thank you for reading.

So True!

18 Week Bumpdate

 Keeping toasty in front of the fireplace!

How far along? 

18 weeks and 5 days! (A bit behind!)

Baby size?

Baby K is the size of a sweet potato! She is about 5.6 inches long and 6.7 ounces, she is growing like a weed!

Total weight gain?

I have officially gained about 1-2 pounds. I am glad but I am more worried about the weight than I thought I would be. I know I need to gain for this sweet baby, but it is hard to watch the numbers go up.

Maternity clothes?

I am actually shocked. I had bought a couple pairs of medium maternity jeans. Keep in mind, I have been wearing an 8-10 jean size for the past few years (gained the college 40 haha). I was shocked to find out that they are actually way too big, they fall off! I went back and got a small pair for sizes 4-6 and they work perfect! Strange…

Stretch marks? 

None so far. I use coconut oil after showers and will sometimes also use Palmers stretch mark lotion and bio oil.


Lots of Round Ligament Pain, my abdomen is definitely doing some stretching and growing. I am hungry NON STOP. **Hilarious preggo moment alert ** Last night I ate so much food that I made myself throw up and then was hungry again immediately. WHAT ON EARTH?? I am trying not to over do it but I feel like I am a starving castaway at all times!

Umm... yeah. Oops.


The strange dreams wake me up a lot. The belly has just now started getting uncomfortable.

Best moment this week?

The snow!!! I know it has been rough here around ATL but I always think snow is so pretty. Husband said, “I wish our little girl could see the snow!” So sweet, I wish she could too but for now she needs to keep growing in her very own warm Jacuzzi.

Have you told family and friends? 

Yes and somehow everyone and their second cousin knows! Haha!

Miss anything?

I miss having a normal appetite. I feel like a crazy starving lady most of the time!


Actually this little girl has been very active recently J I hope it continues that way! I feel her a lot at night and most times after I eat. Most of the time it is light little movements like flutters and sometimes she rolls over, which is weird! It kind of feels like a hamster is rolling over in my belly.

Food cravings?

Nothing in particular just anything and everything.

Anything making you queasy or sick?

No, unless I stuff myself into an oblivion like I did the other night. **Shame**.

Have you started to show yet?

Yes! Although some days I swear it is all belly fat and there is no baby there… other days my belly is hard. Pregnancy is weird.

Baby is a?

Little girl! Well, I think. Husband still thinks it is a boy but I know it is a girl… right? We have another ultrasound in a week and I am sure they will reassure him that it is a girl.

Belly button in or out? 

In but every day it is working its way outward… not sure how I feel about this.

Wedding rings on or off? 

On and getting less loose.

Happy or moody most of the time? 

Happy, except sometimes I have whiny preggo moments.

Looking forward to?

The full anatomy scan on Feb 6th and registering! Let the tu-tus and bow hunting begin!

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